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Airport and aerobridges

ADM has 20+ years experience servicing the Australian airport industry including aerobridge manufacture and refurbishment.

Aerobridge – Installations, maintenance, repairs and relocations


  • Manufactured and installed Virgin Aerobridge access walkways to Virgin planes at Gates 31 and 32 – Sydney Domestic Airport
  • Relocated and refurbished 10 x aerobridges at Sydney International Terminal and 6 x Ansett Aerobridges at the Domestic Terminal. Transported them to ADM workshop for full refurbishment including electrical, hydraulic, paint, carpet and tile work before returning them to Mascot and installing
  • Refurbished and carried out major work to Sydney Airport aerobridges in time for the Sydney 2000 Olympics
  • Upgraded the Sydney International Terminal for the arrival of the A380 Airbus and was a major part of the refurbishment of T1 and T2 during 2006 and 2007
  • We also manufactured the A380 mock up test rig which was used for training of airport staff in the safe positioning of aerobridges against the new A380 Airbus

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Case Study – Sydney International Airport

Sydney International Airport – Terminal 1, Bay 54

  • Shop manufacture 1 x 10m static link on two columns
  • Excavate new rotunda and column footings – 6m x 5m x 1m
  • Erect rotunda column sent from Los Angeles, USA to Wilberforce workshop for modifications and completion
  • Fabricate steel pipe bollards around all columns and rotunda


RESULT: Completed on time and on budget