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AD McCallum & Son Pty Ltd crane manufacturing, repairs, inspections - Sydney, Australia

ADM - Over 50 years servicing the crane industry

ADM is your premier company for crane repairs, manufacture, maintenance, inspections, new auxiliary equipment and modernisation services.

  • Tower crane grillages, starter stools and crane ties for multi-storey construction sites
  • Complete booms for all types of cranes including hydraulic and lattice type booms, tower crane grillages and ties, spreader bars, lifting beams, outrigger pads, concrete kibbles, tilting muck buckets, etc.

  • Full boom manufacture
  • Repairs to hi tensile box and lattice type booms (jibs)
  • Outrigger manufacture, fly Jibs, hydraulics, electrics and any other structural or non structural repairs
  • Welding repairs to mobile cranes, tower cranes, and all types of structures, machinery and equipment

Call on ADM's 50+ years experience in manufacturing, repairs and inspections in the crane industry.
Phone us today on +61 2 4575 1922.

Our family-owned business prides it self on providing a prompt, efficient and reliable service to all our customers in regards to crane services and inspections.

  • 10 and 25 year major crane inspections to Australian standards
  • 10 year access equipment major inspections to Australian standards
  • 6 year concrete boom major inspections to Australian standards

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AD McCallum, celebrating 60 years
AD McCallum robotic welding

Introducing AD McCallum and Son's MA2010 Robot on 3.15m track fitted with Fronius TPS/i 500amp welder. For even higher welding performance call ADM on 02 4575 1922



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    Market-leading Engineering Design. 2D + 3D CAD. 3D Prototypes. View Services

    3 generations of experience providing manufacturing services Australia-wide View Services

    Precision maintenance and repairs to all types of structural, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical equipment View Services

    Professional abrasive blasting and industrial spray painting services, small and large jobs View Services
  • ROPS & FOPS +

    CERTIFIED DESIGN of ROPS and ROPS/FOPS canopies for all types of earthmoving equipment and weights. In-house comprehensive DESTRUCTIVE TESTING View Services
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    Crane repairs, manufacture, maintenance, inspections, new auxilary equipment and modernisation services View Services

    17+ years experience in Manufacturing and Refurbishment for the Australian airport industry View Services
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- Marr Contracting
  • Source all materials in A350 Grade (with certificates)
  • Handling of the large fabricated sections
  • Organise shifts to suit weld procedures and independent Non Destructive Testing Company to minimise down time
  • Set whole base and towers up in our facility to ensure that once on-site the project would come together without delays

6 week strict deadline


Completed on time + on budget

  • 1/4: One half on the M860D Transfer Grillage being lifted into position for next phase of fabrication
  • 2/4: M860D Transfer Grillage set up in our yard with M1287D towers and brace connected (upside down)
  • 3/4: M860D Transfer Grillage being loaded onto transport
  • 4/4: Completed 1st stage Free Standing M860D Tower Crane on M860D Transfer Grillage
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