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AD McCallum & Son manufacturing, custom builds, modifications, expert fabrication

ADM - Manufacturing and Installation

Finding solutions for our customers positions ADM at the forefront of the manufacturing/engineering industry.

  • Custom built ROPS & FOPS structures - including destructive testing and certification to ISO standards
  • Cranes – full boom manufacture (hydraulic and lattice type booms) - tower crane grillages and ties, spreader bars, lifting beams, outrigger pads, concrete kibbles, tilting muck buckets, etc
  • Aerobridges - manufacture new and modify existing
  • Heavy-duty transport – used to carry over-sized heavy equipment
  • Earth moving machinery
    - Excavator - short booms, long booms, high rise cabins, hydraulic and pneumatic access systems, ROPS and FOPS, handrails, forestry protective guarding, vandal covers etc
    - Dozers - forward sweeps, rippers, bisalloy blade liners, ROPS and FOPS
    - Dump trucks - auto tailgates, bisalloy liners, hydraulic and pneumatic access systems, ROPS and FOPS
    - Wheel loaders - hydraulic and pneumatic access systems, cabin modification to suit bullet proof windows, ROPS and FOPS - face shovels - hydraulic and pneumatic access systems
    - Drill rigs - casing drills, kelly bars, drill masts, small to large diameter augers, cat heads, excavator mounted single and multi stage drill rigs, ROPS and FOPS
  • Air conditioned cabins on dozers, excavators, trenchers, road rollers and more
  • Expert welding to Australian and American standards
  • Precision machining
  • Wet or dry sandblasting
  • Large and small spray painting jobs - in either 2 pack or air dry enamel
  • In-house and on-site
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AD McCallum, celebrating 60 years
AD McCallum robotic welding

Introducing AD McCallum and Son's MA2010 Robot on 3.15m track fitted with Fronius TPS/i 500amp welder. For even higher welding performance call ADM on 02 4575 1922



  • DESIGN +

    Market-leading Engineering Design. 2D + 3D CAD. 3D Prototypes. View Services

    3 generations of experience providing manufacturing services Australia-wide View Services

    Precision maintenance and repairs to all types of structural, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical equipment View Services

    Professional abrasive blasting and industrial spray painting services, small and large jobs View Services
  • ROPS & FOPS +

    CERTIFIED DESIGN of ROPS and ROPS/FOPS canopies for all types of earthmoving equipment and weights. In-house comprehensive DESTRUCTIVE TESTING View Services
  • CRANES +

    Crane repairs, manufacture, maintenance, inspections, new auxilary equipment and modernisation services View Services

    17+ years experience in Manufacturing and Refurbishment for the Australian airport industry View Services
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