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Rops and Fops

ADM has been designing ROPS and ROPS/FOPS canopies for all types of earthmoving equipment since 1979

ROPS & FOPS – Design, destructive testing and certified manufacturing

ADM – Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling-Object Protective Structures (FOPS)


  • ROPS and ROPS/FOPS canopies for all types of earthmoving equipment
  • Designed, manufactured and certified to ISO 10262, ISO 12117-2, ISO 3449, ISO 3471, MDG
  • Certified two and four post ROPS and FOPS canopies to suit conventional swing and zero swing excavators


With our in-house comprehensive destructive testing procedure, we are pleased to offer the manufacture and certification of ROPS/FOPS canopies to suit all machinery types and weights.


Design and manufacture of ROPS/FOPS since 1979

For the ultimate in protection our ROPS/FOPS canopies are certified for civil, mining and forestry applications. Our experience in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of protective structures for mobile plant is second to none.

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Case Study – Komatsu Australia

Komatsu Australia

  • Engineer design and certification of ROPS system
  • Destructive testing in our 1000 tonne testing press
  • Fit solid puncture proof tyres
  • Manufacture custom external ROPS (that would allow rear axle to fully oscillate without damaging new wider tyres) to meet ISO 3471 – 2008 with a M.O.W. of 43,500kg
  • Modify and re-install ladders and platforms for access


RESULT: Completed on time and on budget